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Asya Howlette has spent the past decade working in both traditional and charter public schools to support students’ academic and social emotional development. Her work began as a student at Hampton University where she led teen-parent support groups at a local high school during her internship. 

Upon graduation, Asya began her journey as a mathematics teacher in rural Louisiana. She went on to earn a Masters in Education from Johns Hopkins University to support deeper teacher development in Louisiana. Her love for educating students and depth of knowledge about child development led her to Success at Thurgood Marshall in New Orleans where she serves as 7th - 8th Grade Assistant Principal and Director of Mathematics and Science. 

As former Board President for The Collective - GNO, Asya is committed to making sure our teachers reflect the communities they serve. In addition to serving students and educators at Thurgood Marshall, Asya also consults for Illustrative Mathematics, which is one of Louisiana’s tier 1 curricula. In this role, she facilitates professional development for districts across the country and evaluates materials produced by the organization. She has also created strong working relationships with multiple alternative certification programs to gain more context about the educators entering classrooms across New Orleans and the strengths and limitations introduced to the educational ecosystem. 

As an educator working directly with multiple curricula and leading teacher development both within Orleans Parish and also across the country, Asya is focused on closing the gap between where we are and where our students could be.



When I decided to become an educator more than a decade ago, it was because I believe all students should have access to adults who are fully committed to their dreams; this is who my teachers were. 


It is our responsibility as a community to create pathways for our students to live fully and audaciously. This is why I chose to become a homeowner here in New Orleans — because I know that schools are an extension of the communities our students come from. And, as an educator, I know that our aspirations need to move beyond what has been to what can be so that our kids can actualize their greatest potential.


I am not here to become a career politician. I am here to make sure my students and their families know they have a champion who is not only willing to fight for their education within the school building, but also on the school board. The lived experiences of educators, families, and students are essential to the decision-making process — these decisions directly impact us. 

And my experience as an educator has shaped the priorities - I will commit to:

  • Ensuring a Diverse Portfolio of Schools - All students should be able to attend schools with programming that meets their specific needs and abilities.

  • Prioritizing the Mental Health of our Students - All students deserve access to trauma-informed schools that honor who they are, where they’ve been, and what they need to meet their academic goals.

  • Accountability for the Superintendent - All students deserve an advocate for a vision and strategy that meets the unique and specific needs of their city.

  • Advocating for Specialized Programing- Students are entitled to an education that is resourced to meet their specific needs (such as English Learner supports, Individualized Education Programs, and 504 plans).

Our students are owed deep and lasting change — change that is dependent on our collective effort. Our community deserves clarity about what is happening and what will be done to make sure all students are getting access to a high quality school that meets students and families’ specific needs and values. With the variety of possibilities for how schools can operate, we should see students matching with schools that not only put them on the path to college and career readiness, but also accommodate their individualized and specific needs, abilities, and talents. 


I believe in our teachers. I believe in the power of community. I believe in New Orleans. But most of all, as an educator, I believe in our students. That’s why I am asking for your voice and your vote for the New Orleans Public School Board, District 2 on November 3rd.


With gratitude,



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